About Us

Atlasville Organisation was formed by Atlasville residents in 2006 with the vision of increasing community participation and interests.


Primarily this was done by creating a communication platform, with a mailing list and a website.


Over time it has evolved to responding to specific community needs such as the substation fire and subsequent power outage, Christmas Carols, increase in crime, establishing community patrols, recycling project, liaising with Council and keeping Atlasville clean.


Atlasville Organisation is a totally independent organisation established and run by residents of Atlasville on a voluntary basis.  It is not associated with any commercial or political organisation; however we have formed contact points in the community interest with the likes of SAPS, CPF, Security companies, Council and Political Party Representatives and other Community Organisations.


The various community channels within Atlasville established by Atlasville Organisation are not only breaking down barriers but also allowing community members to work better together for the interest of all.


The motto of “Because We Care” has meant that the community stands together and does not turn a blind eye.


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