WELL done Atlasville CPF team & PHP security


Saturday, 09 April 2016; 14h45

Dear all

Well done to members of the Atlasville CPF patroller team who put two criminals behind bars today.

Stolen property was exchanged in Finch street (nearest corner Reier) at approximately 11h50 between two vehicles. An alert patroller radioed it in and was joined by another patroller.

The two vehicles split up one into Atlasville and one down Atlas road towards North Rand road.

Because of the close working relationship and radio link that the CPF team have with PHP Security, they called for backup assistance.

The one vehicle was found in Goudsnip street while the other vehicle stopped in Middel road over the N12.

SAPS were quick on scene in Goudsnip and because the stories were not tying up, SAPS, the CPF patroller and PHP Security escorted them to Middel road. At the scene the stories were confessed as to what really happened (stolen goods)

SAPS took statements from the CPF patrollers and arrested two persons on scene, one for theft and one for possession of stolen property.

Atlasville Organisation would like to thank the dedicated Atlasville CPF patroller team involved as well as PHP Security who always back up the team.

It is a working relationship like this that we bring down the crime figures.

This is the first success that the CPF team of Atlasville and PHP Security working together have made their first arrest together.

WELL DONE team – we are PROUD of you !!!

Shane Bailey